Islamic Reminder

Sins that can Erase All of Your Good Deeds in a Glance

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,


Sins not only put a person’s life and Aakhira in peril but also erase the good deeds done by a person all his life.

A believer must have knowledge about good deeds and bad deeds. A believer must always be conscious of what he does.

We must be very careful of what we do and be careful about our acts. There is a very thin line to shift from good to bad things. But Now in the world of technology where every person has own devices like Mobile phones, computer, Laptops etc. We are exposed to sins that most of us don’t even consider a sin. Its high time we must self-introspect and try to protect ourselves from anything that takes our good from us.
How many times have you used your device for some work and end on an obscene website and looking at all the absurd and haraam things? Thus, these things become the major source of bad deeds for a young generation. There is a lot of bad stuff to watch on the internet. No we are not talking only about pornography, but people around the world doing stuff, wearing too much-revealing clothes. We forget to lower our gazes there because it is on our phone. We think no one is watching. Is it? Is no one watching?

Therefore we cannot be avoiding pornography but look at things that will lead us to that eventually. Also, it makes us habitual to such stuff and we consider it absolutely normal.

We do good deeds to be in the kindness of Allah. But we forget that shameless videos and picture can waste our all good deeds. All that burns all the good deeds that we did and Allah forbid we will be left with nothing on the Day of Judgment. We paid the price to watch it all. We thought it just appeared on my page! It appeared out of nowhere! it was free to watch! No, my dear brothers and sisters, we pay the price. we paid our good deeds. We pay to end up in hell. May Allah protect us.
These things can destroy our faith totally. We see this in the empty room and want that nobody knows about this habit. But how can we forget that Allah is present everywhere?

Think, o ummah of Muhammad (peace be upon him), the most modest man to walk on earth.

Moreover, we must always remember, Allah is too much closer to us. And how can we forget about the two angles on our shoulder who writes all our good and bad deeds? Do we really don’t care about Allah’s presence? Do we have no shame from Allah? We want to keep hidden this from Humans Then Why Not from Allah? We should keep telling this to the youth that this is a sin which can badly destroy your all faith and all your good deeds.

May Allah protect all Muslim from this sin and grant us the path of light and purity. And also grant us heaven on the Day of Judgment. Ameen

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