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The Hadeeth That Changes the Live of a Man

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,



There were thieves, robbers, tyrants, bullies, evil people and only one verse of the Quran made them change their lives and some went onto and become IMAMS such as imam MALIK IBN DINAR (may Allah have mercy on him). Imam ibn Qadumah al-Maqdisi (may Allah have mercy on him) mentions in his kitaab al-tawwabeen that there is an alcoholic who was addicted to alcohol and he used to remain excessively drunk, this young person name was Abdullah ibn Maslamah al- Qanabi. Once Abdullah ibn Maslamah al-Qanabi was with his friends drinking alcohol and in front of him he saw a rush, he saw a large number of people gathering around someone and this someone was seated on his donkey. Abdullah was curious and wanted to know who is this man, why everyone crowding around this individual. So he went with a bottle of alcohol in his hand and start asking people who are this man.

People replied this is a famous Imam, ‘’ imam shubat ibn hajjaj’’. Abdullah said Ok what does he do? People replied he is a muhaddith. Abdullah asked what is a muhaddith? People replied a muhaddith is a person that narrates, memories, teaches and acts upon the hadeeth of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Thereafter, Imam shubah was sitting on his donkey and he went up to him. Tells him if you are a muhaadith tell me, narrate to me one hadeeth. So imam shubah, being an Imam, read the situation and saw that he has a bottle of alcohol in his hand. Imam Shubah narrated a hadeeth to him accordingly and said ‘’the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said if a person is shameless, he will do whatever he wants’’. We hear this hadeeth many times, has it ever had an effect on our lives? When Abdullah ibn Maslamah al-Qanabi heard this hadeeth the bottle of alcohol fell from his hand. He was shocked and said did Prophet (PBUH) say this. He starts asking himself, ‘Am I a shameless person?’’. This hadeeth penetrated Abdullah’s heart.
He went home, and he stayed some days in his room crying, thinking ‘’what have I done with my life until now. I kept on drinking alcohol disobeying Allah. He lowers his gaze and repented to Allah. He comes out from his room and told his mother I am leaving this country, I asked the scholar that I want to acquire knowledge of Islam and he suggests me to Madena. I want to be like Imam shubah, he is a Muhaddith, why am i not a muhaddith? If Imam Shubah can be a muhaddith so I can be also Muhaddith.

Look at him just a movement ago he was a drunkard and now he wants to be a Muhaddith. He doesn’t just want to repent and live his repentance, no! He wants to do something for Islam. Just a one hadeeth changes his entire life and when we look at ourselves how many hadeeth we used to listen even we had also memories some of them does our life changes? Dear brothers and sisters this is a time to examine ourselves.

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