Islamic Reminder

Fitnah Everywhere (Signs of the End)

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told us towards the last hour, there will be extreme display, the fitnah, the trials and tribulations will be displayed before you, there’s a very intricate word He is using here. display meaning there will be placed in front you even if you’re not looking for it but it will be in front of you just like the pieces of straws in a straw mat. There’s so many of them and these straws are displayed to you. These fitnah are displayed to you like all the individual straws in a straw mat, if you ever look at a straw mat it’s got about 10,000 straws in it maybe a hundred thousand straws in it, when you look at a straw map you see all the straws individually, don’t you?

Don’t you kind of see how they go along and they’re all at once so Prophet Muhammad (saw) using a metaphor here… He is saying the fitnah will be so many on that day that you will look at them, you’ll see them all at once in front of you and you recognize that each one is out on its own. Fitnah after fitnah after fitnah after fitnah all displaying themselves in front of you. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said” There will be two hearts on that day, ‘Two Hearts”

One type of heart will be pure and the other type of heart will murky, stinky, and ugly and dark. The pure heart will be the ones that rejected these fitnah and try to go against it and the other ones will be who take it and accept it and love it. Once I was driving out of my house, I went down to the next street, this street is two-way cars coming this way, cars going that way so if you go down in one direction it’s very hard to overtake another vehicle as I was reaching the roundabout there was a bus stop. I looked at the bus a few meters ahead and right at the back of the bus is a huge picture of a woman partially naked and now you shouldn’t be shocked because this is very normal, isn’t? is it normal or not normal or abnormal? very normal! Everywhere you go you just drive, kids see it, very normal so I said I better beat that bus because if I don’t beat it the bus is gonna be right in front of me and I can’t overtake because there’ll be cars coming this way and I have to look at the bus because otherwise, I’ll have an accident. What am I looking at? the picture… so then the bus went in front of me. How strong is the shaytaan so the bus went in front of me, driving behind this bus, where do I have to look? trying to look away I’m gonna have an accident? I manage somehow until the bus Ahamdullah went away. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that the fitnah will be displayed before your eyes, you can’t even run away from it. I lowered my gaze to the ground and I see a magazine with another woman on it. I looked away from this at a shop right there displayed on the window (la haula wa la quwwata illa billah). you’re going to read your email and right in front of you this junk mail comes up sometimes, they display is not it correct?

Everywhere… Grade fives and sixes are now looking at stuff they shouldn’t be looking at. Pornography has become a widespread epidemic today. Prophet Muhammad (saw) told us and before the last hour there will be a time when people will look at this as very normal.

May Allah save us from the torment of hell fire (Ameen)

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